My Focus Over The Next Decade

Every new year people make resolutions.  “I’ll start going to the gym”, or “I’ll pay off my debts”.  Some people follow through and some don’t. There are various reasons for failing or succeeding and many articles and books have been written on the topic.  Reflecting on the past decade provides an opportunity to plan for…

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Flutter State Management With RxDart

Introduction Mobile apps are fun to build.  I’ve explored building apps for iOS using Objective-C and Swift and I’ve also built apps using Java for Android.  While both platforms and technologies have advantages and disadvantages, it’s frustrating building the same application twice for both platforms, especially if you’re a single developer.  When Microsoft acquired Xamarin…

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Blockchain 101

What is a Blockchain? A Blockchain is a distributed public or private ledger.  A distributed ledger simply means that a record of every transaction is stored on every computer that’s apart of the Blockchain network.  What’s contained on the Blockchain is the transaction ID value.

Google Cloud Platform

Deploying ASP.NET Core Apps on Google App Engine Flexible Environment

Most .NET developers think of Azure or AWS when considering cloud hosting.  Azure, backed by Microsoft has excellent tooling and hosting options for .NET developers.  AWS is an established cloud provider and the leader in the market.  Many developers don’t realize that Google Cloud Platform or GCP for short, is also an excellent cloud platform…