Our mission

Algomoney’s goal is to analyze future trends and leverage technology to incentivise people to make smarter decisions.  Whether you’re a single mom or aspiring entrepreneur, we’ll provide strategies and technologies so you can improve your situation.

Our goals

  • Demonstrate how to build and retain wealth

  • Educate the historically disenfranchised on financial and entrepreneurial technologies

  • Utilize incentive strategies which encourage positive outcomes

  • Prepare for a future of automation as a result of AI

  • Remain awake

Our experience

Software Engineering - 19 years
Leadership & Management - 10 years
Consulting - 7 years
Digital Marketing - 6 years

There are an abundance of data available in the world today.  There are data about governments, public and private companies, individuals, people’s taste in music and just about anything you can think of.  The way to filter through the tsunami of data is to become knowledgeable about using data tools such as statistics and various forms of artificial intelligence such as machine learning.  We strive to surface these technologies to users in an approachable way, so that historically disenfranchised people can increase their knowledge.